What You Will Find



Welcome to Horizon Integrated Wellness Group, PLLC!
We believe, that something beautiful is always on the horizon, every day is a new beginning, and the best is yet to come!

Horizon Integrated Wellness Group, PLLC was the vision developed by the owner Mary Affee.

It was Mary’s vision to have a mental wellness practice that recognizes not just the mind, but the many parts that make up our most optimal self, like exercise, balanced lifestyles, nutrition, healthy relationships, and most importantly, the ability to find one’s own creativity to empower them with acceptance in who they are or who they want to be. Hence the vision behind an integrated approach to total wellness. We strive to make our mental health services a collaborative process with our clients and therapists. We strive to be a leader in transforming the delivery of whole person care in our practice and in our community by developing strong professional relationships with our partners in health.

We understand that therapy is a unique and intimate relationship, and recognize the many feelings and the stigma associated with reaching out for guidance and support whether it’s for an individual or for a child/teen. We are a solution-focused practice and believe that everyone has the ability to reach their goals. Because Mary is a skilled trauma informed clinician, she developed a trauma informed practice approach that guides the philosophy and continuity of care at Horizon. Meaning, that we are especially sensitive to the fact that life stressors and traumatic experiences can temporarily overwhelm and inhibit an individual’s ability to cope. We understand that this can also impair an individual’s emotional, social, and behavioral function in many ways. Often, just understanding the neurobiology and physiology responses of a trauma or a life stressor and how it affects our bodies, brain, and mind can provide some relief.

Mary’s vision included having a Play Therapy Center and Tween/Teens Center that considers the sensitivity and uniqueness of the biological, social, and emotional developmental phases of children and adolescents. We have a wonderful and culturally sensitive playroom to address all childhood challenges from anxiety, trauma, sexual abuse, aggression, ODD, ADHD, and other behavioral issues. Horizon subscribes to the belief that a child or teen’s behavior is an outward expression of their inability to express their hurts, rejections, fears, and worries. Our practice is dedicated to providing our young clients with therapeutic approaches filled with expressive art and play therapy modalities that are child/teen sensitive, developmentally appropriate, with special consideration and sensitivity to cultural and gender differences/ gender variances.

We believe in working closely with the families of our young clients, as research continues to demonstrate that the best therapeutic outcomes for children are when parents are involved in the healing/therapeutic process. We work with our young clients by assisting them to develop healthy emotional expression, develop the internal and external coping skills to decrease negative behaviors, while also assisting families to embrace this delicate and challenging time.

Today is a brand new day; a day to heal, a day to love,
a day to forgive, a day to encourage, a day to start afresh.

~ Caroline Naoroji