Courteney Matteson
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Courteney Matteson


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Courteney Matteson

Clinical Mental Health Intern from Mount Olive University

Courteney Matteson



I am currently a graduate student at the University of Mount Olive studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I have my bachelor’s in Psychology and Deaf Studies. I am originally from Maryland and moved to North Carolina back in 2018. With my background I have always focused on how mental and physical disabilities impact individuals and their everyday lives.

I have mainly focused on a Cognitive Behavioral perspective and how our emotions and feelings impact our behavior. With my background in Deaf Studies, I have studied American Sign Language over the past 8 years and have become relatively fluent in the language. I have a Chihuahua named Charlie who is 2 years old. Over the last 2 years of having Charlie, I have looked at the influence of Emotional Support Animals and how important they can be for people emotionally and mentally. In my free time I enjoy hiking and being outdoors while also spending time with friends and family.