Employment Application

Thank you for your interest in joining our team at Horizon Integrated Wellness Group, PLLC.

At our practice, our work is driven by passion and dedication to our clients with an understanding of the importance of culture and community in each of our lives. We seek meaningful and diverse community partnerships to improve services for our clients. We provide all of our care with sensitivity and compassion. We will never lose sight of the fact that we provide care and comfort to people in need. Understanding that our clients and families that rely on us are fellow human beings, and they will receive respectful and dignified care from all of our clinicians. We will encourage the autonomy of our clients and our clinicians by using a collaborative approach to achieve individual goals. We are committed to forming relationships of fairness and trust with our clients, our community members, and our employees. We will always utilize and guide our practice approach according to the NASW Code of Ethics. We understand that professional development is essential for delivering high quality of care. We will hire talented people and increase their skills through training and providing opportunities for both professional and personal growth within our practice. We value culture, differences, and seek diverse input. We strive to honor culture and diversity. We do and will continue to foster an environment that embraces the diversity of all our clients and our community relationships.

If this seems like a good fit for you, then you are a great fit for us and our clients!