Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a type of counseling aimed to assist families to improve their relationships by identifying the problems, issues, and the family’s emotional needs. Family therapy may include all the members of a family. It is different for each family and the specific treatment will depend on your unique family situation.

Why Choose Family Therapy

Family therapy can help you, your spouse, and your children improve how your family gets along and works together. It can help repair and mend relationships and teach families new and healthy ways of dealing with difficult family situations. Whether it’s a marital concern, a parenting issue, or children acting out, family counseling can help you manage difficulty issues and help improve communication while eliminating unwanted and negative behaviors for the entire family. Family therapy can help discover the underlying issues and then address how each family member is handling the issues and/or problems. Directed by your family therapist, your family will acquire new ways to collaborate to overcome difficult issues. Family therapy can be helpful in almost any family situation when families experience anger, sadness, anxiety, stress, or conflict. It can help build stronger family relationships by providing the necessary tools so that family members develop a better understanding of each other.

Benefits Of Family Therapy

The primary benefit of family therapy is bringing the family together to help enhance or develop a happy and healthy household. By providing guidance and support when some or all family members are feeling overwhelmed by situations family therapy helps parents, guardians, and children overcome negative behavioral patterns, trauma reactions, or any significant life stressor or transitions. Communication within the family is almost always improved by family counseling, as it advances togetherness, promotes compassion, a sense of belonging and understanding. It can also help create parental empowerment and enhance and develop a teen or child’s self-esteem. Family therapy is supportive approach to provide all family members with healthy ways to cope while restoring the relationship to a healthy place.

Common Concerns Or Issues Addressed In Family Therapy

  • Marital issues
  • Sibling issues conflicts amongst family members
  • Teenage defiance disrespect
  • Anger
  • Adoption
  • Substance abuse
  • Divorce and separation issues
  • Blended families
  • Mental illness
  • Relocation difficulties and issues

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