Heather Hale

Heather Hale



Heather began her career in 2000 as a 5th grade teacher and then transitioned to a position as a school counselor.  Heather has her BS in Elementary Education from The Pennsylvania State University and her Masters in counselor education from the Virginia Commonwealth University. In 2014 Heather resigned from her career in public education to focus on her outpatient therapy career and spend more time with her family and young son. Since 2009 Heather has provided outpatient therapy both in a community mental health setting and small group practice, working primarily with children and adolescents suffering from trauma.  Heather values her experience in both the school setting and outpatient therapy as they provide unique opportunities to help children, adolescents and families reach their full potential.  Heather has a passion for working with families and interweaving neurodevelopment into the psychotherapy process.   She has experience working with children suffering from anxiety, mood disorders, anger management, behavior concerns, and trauma.  Heather uses a variety of techniques to help clients and their families reach a more fulfilled life including play therapy, EMDR, educational training of the effects of trauma on brain development, attachment-focused family therapy (AFFT), and sandplay therapy.

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“I just love Ms Heather. She is nice to me and she plays with me and listens to me. And there are hardly any rules there. I can wear my princess dresses and I don't even have to wear shoes!" 🙂