Stefania Rowley

Stef Rowley



Since completing my Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Rollins College, in my home state of Florida (where I am also licensed), I have been a practicing mental health clinician, working in a variety of settings, including intensive inpatient, as well as outpatient. I hold a Bachelor of Science in psychology from the University of Central Florida, where I worked, as well as attended as a non-traditional student. Recently I decided to pursue my own dream, and moved here to North Carolina, where I hope to live and practice for many years to come.

I have amassed a great deal of experience working with individuals, groups, families, and children; grade school through late adolescence, in a variety of settings. In my practice I employ many different techniques, most of which are cognitive-based, however I am an integrative practitioner and do not believe one size fits all. I utilize mindfulness-based techniques, intensive relaxation, guided meditation, play, art, and music within the therapeutic environment. Clients come in for all different reasons, my role as a clinician is to be wholly present while we work together to design a plan for optimum mental health, which for me means that the client is empowered and educated every step of the way. Communication is key in every relationship.

My areas of special interest include anxiety, depression, ADHD, trauma and the effects of the family system on the individual. I believe that we are an accumulation of all of our parts, and that when we are well and able to line up the gears, life presents us with far more opportunity and awareness, which can help lighten the darkness that often accompanies so many of life’s unexpected changes.

In my downtime I enjoy hiking, photography, writing poetry, and sketching. I try to spend as much time as possible meditating, practicing mindfulness and sharing my love with my best friend, a little old four-legged gentleman.

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Today is a brand new day; a day to heal, a day to love,
a day to forgive, a day to encourage, a day to start afresh.

~ Caroline Naoroji