Therapy, also known as psychotherapy, is a traditional type of therapy that is one-one one between a client and a therapist. Psychotherapy or counseling provides individuals the opportunity to explore their feelings and thoughts with a trained mental health professional. Typically, most individual psychotherapy relies on talk therapy.

At Horizon, we believe talk therapy is great, but we also recognize one treatment modality is not sufficient as one size fits all approach. We consider and introduce the healing benefits of expressive therapies such as art and sand tray. Today, neuroscience research supports the utilization of sensory approaches to emotional regulation and emotional well-being. Participating in individual therapy provides clients with a unique opportunity to form a therapeutic relationship that is positive and safe. Typically, a client identifies a concern(s) and the therapist guides and support them to problem-solve, gain a deeper understanding of their emotional/behavioral connection, develop insight, and the ability to manage their emotional responses in a more healthy and effective manner.

The major goal of most psychotherapy is to help clients identify and resolve a wide range of emotional, relational, social, or psychological difficulties. Most therapists meet with their clients weekly, while others may meet less frequently or more frequently. Therapist co-create a treatment plan with their client to ensure a collaborative and supportive approach allowing the client to always be an equal counterpart in the therapy process from intake to termination. Each client’s treatment plan is always unique and individualized for the client.