Nashia Whittenburg

Nashia Whittenburg is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate (LCSWA). As a lecturer and esteemed professor among North Carolina State University’s prestigious College of Social Work faculty, Nashia serves as the Lead for Strategic Initiatives, Community Engagement, and Well-Being, and co-chairs the Inclusive, Excellence, Engagement and Belonging Committee. Nashia teaches general social work practice, administration supervision, and policy, advanced policy, and social justice advocacy.

Nashia’s fervent passion is art and communication through art and play as an avenue for multimodal therapy. It is through art and play that she connects with her daughter, Teagan. Described as a “sassy 7,” Teagan enjoys travel by train to their favorite destination—NYC, and anywhere there’s a beach.

Nashia’s previous professional experiences working with the Urban League and YMCA have shaped her clinical practice as she aims to support children in achieving personal health and wellness. She finds joy in the unique ways in which children communicate. Working with adolescents and college-aged students (St. John’s University, Queens, NY and Georgia Southern University, Savannah, GA) has also provided Nashia with a wide breadth of clinical experiences across a spectrum of age groups.

Nashia is thrilled to serve children, teens, young adults, and adults on a multidimensional therapeutic level, creating a vibrant, safe space for clients to explore, reflect, grow, and thrive.